PFC Skype Group Guidelines

(*) (sun) (F) (highfive) (rainbow) ❤ Welcome new attendees ❤ (rainbow) (highfive) (sun) (*)

(*) (*) (*) *GUIDELINES FOR THIS GROUP* (*) (*) (*)
We thank you for being part of our online group! We aim to provide information, and constructive/inspiring interaction associated with the *Prepare For Change* Network (, that aims to aid *the liberation of humanity.* We also host the *Weekly Guided Ascension Meditation* on Sunday at 4pm GMT here:

Our collaborative Prepare For Change Network’s mission is:
– to facilitate the creation of a New Society by *connecting* people.
– *informing* all of us about the whole situation on the planet
– and *raising the frequency* of consciousness in various ways
As well as preparing people for:
– the *arrests* of the negative elite,
– the *financial change-over*,
– the *disclosure* of the Secret Space Programs
– and our true place in the cosmos alongside many benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations
While during all of these changes maintaining a calm and peaceful society.

For more information please refer to

Please reserve posting comments for topics best suited for this group in order to preserve a climate that encourages both *civil, fruitful, inspiring and uplifting dialogue and not debates.* Posting comments is meant to stimulate conversation, not to create contention. With great emphasis we invite you to *keep your posts on-topic and direct, clear and concise to articulate your point(s), without using overly wordy sentences or paragraphs.*

*If these guidelines do not resonate with you please remove yourself from the group to ensure the best possible experience for all group members.*

(*) (*) (*) Thank you for your consideration (*) (*) (*)


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